Getting Everyone Up To Speed

We actually came home Saturday night, got home late, and slept in. After lazing around a bit on Sunday we went to see Star Trek. Tasha loved it. I thought it was an entertaining movie, but I had issues with it, as I do with every movie I see. I’m just not a movie fan. The whole time thing being my biggest peeve. Kinda annoys me that Star Trek uses that crutch as much as it does.
Monday I came home from work, felt a little off, had dinner, and was in bed by 8:00 pm.
Tuesday, yesterday… I think I sat right here and surfed until I had exhausted the entertainment potential of the internet. It took surprisingly little time. We walked the dog and took our new tennis rackets down to the courts and chased the balls around for 45-minutes. It was fun. Then I made Tasha play some Xbox360 with me. Then she watched the Red Wings.
Now that you’re up to speed, did you notice that I didn’t mention writing in there at all? It’s shameful, I know. I can’t say that I left out the writing, because I’m completely guilty of not having done anything with it since last Wednesday. Bad Ronn. Lazy Ronn. Tonight’s writing call didn’t happen. Not sure why, but I’m guilty of not calling/emailing to confirm that it was on. Ah well, perhaps we’ll get it later this week.
I finished listening to Scarlet by Stephen R. Lawhead. It’s the second book in what I believe is a trilogy. I haven’t read or listened to the first book, Hood, but I don’t feel like I needed to. Which is always a good thing. I’m a big Robin Hood fan, but some of the things I’d read about this take on the legend turned me off. Like I said, I like my Robin Hood, so I gave it a go when I found it at the library. I must say that I enjoyed it, and the historical aspects of it that I expected to turn me off, didn’t. In fact, I will probably seek out the first book and when I’m done with that read or listen to the third, Tuck. If you like Robin Hood give it a try, there have certainly been interpretations of the story that were far worse than the one that Mr. Lawhead has put together for us… and his is actually plausible.
Ok, so the above is why I don’t do reviews. Anyway, that’ll do it for tonight. Later.