Angels and Demons

It’s Sunday and Sunday means movies, or at least it does lately. So today we hit the Celebration Cinema (theater 4) for yet another movie that Tasha wants to see, Angels and Demons.

I liked it. Tasha thought it was decent. Of course we both agree that the book was better than the movie, but the book is always better than the movie. It was far and away better than The Da Vinci Code, which was boring as hell. And not as good as the book. But then I thought Angels and Demons was the better of the two books.
Tom Hank’s hair was better. The movie was paced better and flowed quickly from one scene to the next. And was better focused, though it wasn’t until we got home that I remarked to Tasha that there was no romantic plotline. Which seems odd since every movie seems to feel the need to include a romance no matter the circumstances. Of course they left out a lot of the science stuff and focused more on the religion aspects of the story. Not surprising given the title and the hoopla that surrounds the previous book and overshadows this story.
My folks saw it, separately from us, and commented that they had problems following the story and that they thought Tom Hanks managed to get around the city pretty easily for as crowded as it was. I listened to the audio book so following the story wasn’t a problem and I thought the train of police cars careening through the city explained the timely arrival of Mr. Hanks.
I would have no problem recommending this one.