Dragon Perch Book Shelf

I built a shelf for my Dungeons & Dragons books. The original idea was to make it just big enough for the collectors editions of each version. So that would be just the core rules; Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. But then I decided it could double as a ‘perch’ for Fergusson, the office mascot, and it grew bigger.
It’s finished, but it’s not done. Sanded, stained, hung on the wall; yes. But I’ve got some ideas with regard to the top. I may paint Fergusson, or just give him a wash of color, haven’t decided yet. But I know that I want to build a ‘horde’ of bright shiny pennies and translucent dice for him to be laying in to complete the whole dragon theme. And I think I’m going to add some d6 as ‘shelf supports’ just as a roleplaying touch to add interest.
You may notice that the 5th edition books are missing. This is because my son has them. He’s running a game for a small group on the weekends…. I’m not sure why he can’t get his own books though…
Anyway, that’s what I’m doing with my office.