Primed and Painted

This weekend I decided that I needed to get back on the project horse. With the holidays behind us and a long cold stretch of winter left before we get to spring, the temptation is to just let it slide. To coast along until the weather warms and working in the garage becomes a less frigid proposition, when the days will be longer and working without the sun isn’t an issue. That is the temptation of this time of year, at least it is for me. But I’ve got a half-bath that has been in progress for something like three years. There’s a basement remodel that was set aside for other more appreciated projects. And never forget all the routine maintenance stuff that never seems to end.
I decided to tackle the bathroom; see how much I could get done before football started on Sunday.
Turns out, quite a bit. Sure it cut into my football time, I didn’t actually watch much of either game, but I made some real progress. I finished sanding the drywall. Then I cleaned up the room and wiped down the walls to get rid of all that annoying dust. This did bad things to the rest of the bedroom, but that’ll get dealt with during the regular cleaning of things. Once the bathroom was clean I set about priming the whole thing. I still haven’t used up all of my Behr Primer & Sealer 5-gallon bucket, but I sure wish I had, that stuff is junk. I rolled on two coats of primer and brushed the corners three times before I was satisfied. I wasn’t really, but the paint is paint and primer stuff and I figured it’d cover the unsatisfactory spots.
Once the primer was up and dry, I trimmed the window. The door has to wait until I get the floor down. I don’t want to put the trim up twice. Then I painted the ceiling flat white. Let dry. Installed the fan/light combo on the ceiling and finally took down my work light. Then I started painting the walls.
Decided that the color I bought for the bathroom years ago, Elephant Skin, wasn’t going to work. Just not going to give me the look I wanted, it was too greige (grey-beige) and I wanted more of a true grey. So after painting one wall I put the lid back on that and went to Home Depot. Not to worry, that color will work nicely in the kitchen to mute some of the blueness going on there. Back at home I painted the walls with a color I’m much happier with, Behr Tin Foil. And I still managed to watch enough football to know how the games played out.
Tonight, I hung the light fixture that will be over the mirror that isn’t there yet. I installed the medicine cabinet back into its hole. Managed to wire an outlet into a live circuit without getting electrocuted. And determined that I need to add another half-inch of subfloor to make it level with the bedroom.
So I’m feeling accomplished and the half-bath is starting to look like a real room. I’ll have the floor down this weekend and then I can start thinking about setting the toilet and sink back in there.