Making Progress

I’m making progress on the half-bath. The painting is done, with the exception of the door and the trim that will go around it. The extra half inch of subfloor has been added in preparation for the flooring, which has been ordered. Home Depot puts the arrival of that sometime between 2/4 and 2/15, which will seriously slow this project down.
Yesterday, I picked up the new vanity, sink, mirror, and over the toilet cabinet. Today, I picked up a toilet. I’m getting quite a pile of stuff in the garage, all waiting for the floor to get done.
Tonight, I finished up the electrical. I put a GFCI ‘near the sink’, really, where the sink will be going. Added the electrical plates, put on a new register for the heat, and then cleaned up my work space. Now I just sit and wait for my flooring.
I guess it’s a little silly to get worked up over the wait, given how long this project has gone on, but I’ve got momentum and I don’t want to loose it.