Bad Waste of Good Writing Time

This weekend was bad. No writing at all.

Friday: I don’t remember what I did Friday after work. I know I started the 800 Mb download of Anarchy Online, but I’m sure I did something else. Anyway, I know I didn’t write.

Saturday: Put up some additional Christmas decorations in the AM, installed the free Anarchy Online client and got it running in the afternoon, and then played it until 3am. No writing. Bad Ronn

Sunday: Cleaned the house a bit in the AM, Denis came over around 1:00ish and we played some video games, he left around 11:00 PM….. Yeah, no writing then either.

The only thing writing related that I did this weekend was build a new Word Count spreadsheet for 2005. I’ve really got to get my head out of my ass and get serious about this writing.

Also, wanted to send a Happy Birthday wish out to my step-father, Larry, who’s birthday is today.