ObsidianPortal Downgrade

WarlocksCauldron02Today, I downgraded my Obsidian Portal account from Ascendant to Free. The Warlock’s Cauldron campaign stuff is still there and continuing to collect dust. My hopes for what it might become were never realized. Whether that be because I didn’t organize it in the way I used to do these things, the disconnect of playing a tabletop RPG campaign online, or disinterest on the part of all involved parties, I can’t really say. It’s probably a combination of all of the above. We had one good session and a few creative conversations in and about that world, but that was nearly a year ago. I will not say that the idea of the campaign is not gone nor forgotten, but it has certainly been relegated to the realm of could have been. Perhaps I am too distant from that part of my life to revive it, or perhaps I am simply too distant from all those that I shared that part of my life with. Whatever the case, Obsidian Portal is a nice tool, the price is reasonable, and I enjoyed using it, but I’m not spending money for an Ascendant account that I’m not going to use.