Crime & Punishment

I was looking among all my files for an old website I used to have up at (no link, because it doesn’t exist any more) Crime & Punishment. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, outside of a few image files, but the Internet Archive Wayback Machine came to my rescue. The archive didn’t have the images, but I didn’t need them, besides, those I found in my PC search.
Turns out that I spent most of my time building graphics for that page. Not terribly surprising, given my track record. I only managed four posts on Crime & Punishment before I lost interest, but I wanted to preserve the fiction I wrote by reproducing it here.
The time was January 2009 and the idea was to write a fictional blog based in the world of the massively multi-player online roleplaying game of City of Heroes. The idea behind the blog was to start by chronicling the hero, Vandal Blast, as he arrived in the city to make a home and a name for himself. Then to add additional hero characters from the city into the blog and have them interact with each other, as if the Crime and Punishment site was the social page for their group.
It didn’t last long enough for that to happen.
I wanted to explore some of the gameism’s from a ‘I live this’ point of view and see if I could make it make sense. Or at least make it make sense to the characters. And the stuff that I couldn’t make sense of (and even the stuff I could make sense of but that seemed ridiculous), I’d poke a little fun.

2011 - 12,044 / 50,000
2011 – 12,044 / 50,000

As you read these old posts, you get to see the genesis of another hero story I dabbled in a few years later. Similar idea. Similar hero. Different game. Different city.
Who am I kidding, it’s the same idea in a different format. I didn’t finish that one either.
City of Heroes is dead and gone now. Crime and Punishment died first. But they’re both gone now. Still, I’d like to revisit them both over the next few posts.
Vandal Blast, you have the floor.