C&P: A Visit to City Hall

3 January 2009
Vandal Blast 12I got lost leaving the tailor. Hopped on the monorail not realizing that there were two loops through the city, the green line and the yellow line. I figured I’d save myself some walking by getting on the closest of the two stations in Steel Canyon. I figured wrong. Apparently the two loops use different stations and I was at the wrong one. I ended up taking the green line halfway around the city before I got off in Skyway City. Then I had to hike across town to get to the yellow line station. Which took me to Atlas Park, where I’d been trying to get for the last two hours. It was a learning experience.
I’ve got to say, there are a lot of heroes using the monorail. Which was a bit of a surprise. I mean what with all the flying, super jumping, and super speed running that you see on the news, the train was kinda the last place I thought I’d run into costumed heroes. What I’m saying is that there had to be a half a dozen heroes on the train with me each time. I didn’t recognize any of them, but still. Weird.
My walk from the monorail to city hall was notable in that I think I only saw a few loitering gangbangers. Everywhere else I go in this city I’ve been amazed at the number of thugs on the streets. And where are the cops? I mean, no cops means more work for heroes like me, but still. When I saw the city hall building with it’s flag made from Statesman’s cape… well, my heart skipped a beat. Was I really doing this? Hell yeah, I was doing this!
There must have been close to fifty heroes mingling around the feet of the massive statue of Atlas outside City Hall. I even caught a glimpse of Ms. Liberty! Inside there were heroes coming and going. One pretty thing in yellow tights must have seen the lost lamb look on my face and pointed me toward the City Representative that processed the Hero Registration forms, wished me luck, and gave me a wink that I must say held some promise. They took my forms and sent me off to take the test. I aced the moral and ethical part of the test, but the legal section gave me some slight problem. Seems the laws here in Rhode Island are a bit different than back in Michigan. But I passed and that’s what mattered. She showed me where I could go to change clothes and directed me to the picture ID counter. It took almost two hours, but I’m licensed now. I thought I’d be directed straight to SERAPH, but they had something else for me first. I’ll tell you about that next time.