I'm Going On A Little Trip

I’ve been away for awhile. Well, not really away, just not blogging. I have reasons. Not good reasons, but reasons. Or more accurately they’re excuses. Whatever, I’m here now.
My boys came and stayed with us for two weeks (6/21 – 7/3). It was great to see them and spend some time with them. It’s been too long. We went canoeing and go-carting and saw the transformers movie and just hung out playing Xbox, it was a nice visit.
The boys went home and Karin moved in (7/3). Yeah, I know, but I don’t think you can ever be sure they’re out for good until they’re at least 30 and she’s only 19. The plan is to get her back on a path to success and I think maybe she’s ready to do that.
This weekend I had three service calls that I was supposed to take care of; my brother wants a radiator in his bathroom, my sister has a broken air conditioner, and my buddy Gary just bought a new place and wants me to check out his furnace. Also, another friend of mine, Morme, is in town and visiting so I was scheduled to go to Kevin’s and hang out with the guys… None of that is going to happen. Instead I’m getting myself ready to go to Columbus, GA for a week. It’s a work trip not a vacation. Seems that they still haven’t found a technician to take care of that area and it’s my turn to spend a week down there working the tickets. It’s a change in the routine and maybe it’ll be fun. I’ll be back on Sunday with a report.
One big bonus for this trip is that I’ll finally make it to Georgia  and be able to do the research for my Thane novel that I never got around too; the second half of the book takes place in Georgia. I’ll be in Columbus rather than Atlanta, but they’re not that far apart and I can get a feel for the landscape and folks. Hopefully, I’ll come back with some good stuff to tighten-up and improve that section of the book.
Ignore that progress bar on the side there, it’s just a test. The writing is at a dead stop. I know why but I haven’t done anything about it yet. I have been devouring audio books of late, but my actual reading is also at a stop. I picked up a couple books for this trip and I’ll be taking my laptop so maybe I can get myself back in the saddle. No promises.
I’ve got a few other things to blog about, some that I’ll probably back-date, some that I’ll tackle during those hours in Georgia when I’m not working, and probably some that I’m thinking about that won’t actually come to pass. Such is the way of things. But whatever can you do. I’m going to try and push myself back into the saddle and get myself out of this rut that I’m in. I’m not depressed or distraught, but I sure as hell am stuck in neutral and not doing anything about it. So here’s hoping I can change that. Later.