Where You At, Ronn? Where You At

I’m in Tallahassee, FL, have been since the 2nd and will be until either the 19th or 20th. I was in Columbus, GA from July 13th to the 26th. Both trips for work.  So I was home for 6-days, five of which were spent rushing around trying to get the month’s end work done. So I feel like I haven’t really been home for a month. It’s not a good feeling. I miss my place, my girlfriend, and my pets. Living in a hotel is the pits.
I really thought that with these trips, and the relative isolation, I’d do more blogging and maybe even some writing. But that hasn’t happened. I feel very out of my space. In Georgia, the hotel internet was flakey and about as fast as a dial-up connection. Here in Florida I have a better connection, but I had none for the first week as I had the hotel and guest services working to get the internet working. I think it finally came up solidly on Saturday afternoon. But it’s not wireless and the chair I’m sitting in has a broken height adjustment and sits too damn low for comfortable typing. I’m just full of complaints tonight. Sorry.
Georgia was interesting for the simple fact that I realized that the area I was talking about in my Thane novel, the rural Atlanta area, wasn’t at all what I thought it was like. So I’ve got to make some minor changes to that. Good to know. I was covering an area from Columbus to Augusta, so I saw a lot more of the state than I expected too.  And now that I’m in Tallahassee my route includes Albany, Tifton, Moultrie, Thomasville, and the surrounding areas… so I’m seeing even more of Georgia. And it’s given me some new ideas.
I’m not anywhere near the part of Florida that I envisioned myself. But I’ve made it to the Gulf and seen places that I could see myself living. You know, I’ve determined that it’s the sound of the ocean that does it for me. But I don’t think I can pull myself away from this union goodness that is my job anytime soon. It gives me something to shoot for. But I’m going to have to slim down again if I’m planning on living here… it’s too hot here for a fat man.
So I’m feeling very out of place and as such any ideas of productivity have flown out the window. Ah well, at least I got this post done. Later.