Travel Notification

Looks like it’s really going to happen; I’m going home. I pick up my replacement tomorrow at 1:10 pm. He’s coming in from Texas and rumor has it that he’s going to stay until the position is filled, which means I won’t be back. I’m okay with that. Vacations are fun (I think… it’s been a lot of years… can’t really remember) but living in a hotel is the pits.
My plane leaves at 7:25 am, a crazy time of the morning given the early arrival time… I’m not accustom to being anywhere at 6:30 in the morning. But I’ll be home before noon. Can’t beat that. There’ll be a little bit of the weekend left to enjoy before heading back to work.
I’m watching a show about houseboats in Tennessee on the Travel Channel. And while I don’t have any desire to live in that particular state, the idea that they have the largest houseboating market does kind of infer that there’d be bargains there and the idea of living on a houseboat does appeal to me. Or rather living on a boat appeals to me, a houseboat is not really what I have in mind and I’m looking for more water than what a lake provides. Ahh…. Daydreaming, nothing like it in the world.
I know these have been boring posts. I apologize. But at least you’re getting posts. That’s something.
Honey, I’m coming home. Later.