Random Thoughts Before Bed

I signed Tasha and myself up for the 1st Steps Class at Silver Bullet Firearms. It’s a class that’ll introduce us to the basics of pistol safety and shooting over a period of 3 hours and 40 rounds of ammunition. Tasha is a bit nervous about it, but I figure if I can do it so can she. And who knows, she may actually like it. The bad part is that the class size is limited to 4, and that means we’re not scheduled to have our lesson until the 24th of September.
Did I mention that Tasha got laid off on Friday? I don’t think I did. The good news is that she got a position in another group, same company, that’ll keep her there another three months. So far she likes this group better than her previous group, has more to do, and enjoys it more. Rumors already floating to her that they’re trying to find her a permanent position… I told her not to get her hopes up because we’ve heard that before from these Amway folks. Anyway, no lapse in her paycheck so she’s happy about that.
I was hoping that we’d be on vacation this week or next. But a combination of Tasha not being jobless and my job suspending all PTO until mid November kinda put the kabash on that idea.
I’m starting to think that my cold may in fact be allergies. Never had ’em as a kid, seem to be growing into them over the past couple years.
It’s fantasy football time again, been a few years since I’ve actually done this, and this time around I’m going to put up the cash and join my brother’s league. Chances of me winning anything are poor, but I’m hoping to have some fun. The draft is Saturday. That’ll give me an excuse to ride the Triumph out to Fenton and back. I’ll let you know how that draft turns out… I’m completely unprepared.
I think I’m going to make arrangements to visit my folks on Sunday. I’d like to have them out to see the place, but I don’t know if they’ll be wanting to make that drive for a visit. Guess I’ll call tomorrow and find out what they want to do.
I finished listening to A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett. I also read the book he wrote about the pig… can’t remember what it was called. The writing isn’t bad. And I actually enjoyed the story in this one (not so much the pig book). It’s a fun tale and makes me want to gypsy around the tropics. But I just feel like he’s getting published because he’s famous. Maybe I’m just jealous. Love his music.
Tonight I lost three more Xbox Live matches in Fight Night Round 4. So much fun. I may switch to the button punch settings, because I am obviously not getting the thumbstick punching.  Last night I played Rock Band 2. Picked up a couple new Tom Petty songs and had to try them out which led to other songs which led to, well, you get the idea. So rather than write blogs or work on my fiction or even just sit down and read; I played games the last couple nights. I’m so lame. Later.