August Arrives

Welcome to August my friends. It’s damn hot around here, 100 yesterday and expected to be the same today. Sunday I had the pleasure of helping a friend move out of his third floor apartment and into a second floor apartment across town. It was only 95ish, so that was a load of fun. But he did furnish pizza and plenty of liquids, and as an added bonus; he now has to help me move. I believe it’s in the guy’s book of rules. There’s no way out of this one.

I haven’t been writing at all.

Late night binge eating has kept me from losing any more weight. But I did buy some dumbbells and two more jump ropes (I’ll find one I like yet). I’m still doing the exercise and watching what I eat, but damn it all I keep slipping up when the sun goes down and the world gets quiet.

I realize now that my wife’s we can still be friends speech before she left was just exactly that. Can we still be friends? We probably could if I didn’t still want to be married to her.

My 2-week hiatus from the working world is over and I’ve started working on resumes and making some cold calls. I know that I could make much better money if I found another tech job, but I’m leaning more toward HVAC or something in the trades. The one other thing that I’m looking into is some sort of maintenance job where I get a free apartment. At this point I have many leads but no really solid possibilities. But then it’s just two days into the job search.

Oh, and I’m really starting to dislike this big ass house. It’s very lonely.

Sad news and a loss to fantasy fiction, David Gemmell died Friday morning of what would seem to be complications from heart bypass surgery. He was 57. Gemmell was one of my favorite authors, though I’ve only read five or six of his 30 novels. He wrote about heroic adventure, heroism, leadership, and redemption in a way that really captured heroic fantasy. On a side note, he didn’t get published until he was 38. I’ll be 38 a little later this month, maybe this will be my year.