Expanding the Arohen Brand

Tasha and I had dinner and a nice visit with my folks on Sunday.  We met at the Champp’s in Lansing and it had to be the worst experience either of us have had at a Champp’s restaurant. The food wasn’t very good and it seemed like everything anybody wanted to drink they were out of, that’s an exaggeration, but the waitress did come back to the table three or four times to tell us something wasn’t available. Not the experience that I was hoping for. But my folks didn’t say anything about it, so maybe they didn’t notice. The visit was nice, but short, we met at four and were on our way home by six. Seems like a shame that we don’t spend more time with them, but that’s the joy of living on the other side of the state.
Yesterday, I went on a shopping spree. I picked up a television stand; two drawers, two shelves for AV equipment, and while the color isn’t perfect (it’s black and everything else is dark brown) the style matches nicely with the table, shelves, and furniture. It’s something we’ve been searching for and I just pulled the trigger on the purchase on a whim. Well, maybe not completely on a whim. I wanted something that would hold the cable box, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3 and do it with a modicum of style. What’s that, you say? Playstation?
Yes, I picked up a Playstation 3 yesterday.  Consider it a birthday present to myself. Besides, I want to play Madden 10 and the only way to do that with any of the friends that I have is to get onboard with the system they’re using. So I bought a Xbox 360 so I could play games with my kids… something that doesn’t really happen. We just don’t like the same sort of games. And now I’ve bought a Playstation 3 to be able to play games with my friends. I think I’m making Tasha crazy. Sorry, hon.
The PS3 played havok with my network. For some reason it kept taking the IP from my desktop and it took some dickin’ around to finally get it to play nice, but I think I’ve got it figured out. Of course, I say that without having yet powered up the laptop. I’ve yet to play any games, but I have downloaded a number of updates for the dashboard, Home, Gran Torino 5 prelude, and Madden 10. Maybe later tonight I’ll actually see how the game play is on those games. Maybe even look at what is involved in the Madden league set-up.
So if you’re looking for me on either game systems network, I’m there. I’m Arohen on both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Hit me up, I could use a few good friends. Later.