Just Being Neighborly

After work tonight I took a phone call from my neighbor across the street, Ted, the one who I hooked up with a job. Okay, I told him about the job, he actually did the rest himself. Anyway, he called to tell me that my siding was blowing off the side of the house.
Which was odd, given that I don’t think he was actually home.
Apparently, my next door neighbor had called him to tell him to call me to tell me my siding was blowing off in the high winds…. because, right next door…
I appreciate them letting me know my house was blowing away. It just seems like a roundabout way of doing so.
I might have just walked over, but I’m crazy like that.
The wind has been crazy this afternoon and sure enough, when I went to check there were two pieces of siding gone. That was hours ago and the wind hasn’t abated. I really don’t know what I’ll find in tomorrow when I go out to fix the mess.
Like I said a few days back, home is where the projects are.