Labor Day Weekend Kickoff

We were planning on going to the other side of the state this weekend to pick up a kid, a car, and probably do a bit of visiting. But the kid doesn’t want to come home yet. The car isn’t done or the folks who have it won’t be around (not sure which is the real story). So we’re not going to do that. Really we have no plans for the weekend. Maybe the beach. Probably dinner out. We’ve really got to make some friends around here.
The work week felt long even with the sick day thrown in. I need a vacation. In fact, didn’t realize just how badly I wanted a week or two off until they put the kabash on PTO. Now I’ve got to wait until November and taking time off is all that’s on my mind. Hopefully this 3-day weekend will help ease that need.
Here’s hoping that you too get a long weekend. Enjoy. Later.