Ronn's Websites

I have my website,, back up and running after the whole malware incident. I still have to relink the pictures in most of the posts further back, but that will be an ongoing process. It turns out that it’s not as much fun as you might expect to locate all those pictures and relink them to their posts. However, it has inspired me to change the way I’m backing things up so that I can avoid this process in the event of any future problems. I’ve changed the plugin that I’m using to share with the social media sites, so you may have noticed a bit of a change in the appearance of those posts. I’m going with a combination of YoastSEO and Jetpack for most of the WordPress management. I have also switched the plugin being used for picture albums, FooGallery is easy and I’m pretty happy with the results. I’ve added some additional security, spam, and back-up plugins in addition to the stuff I’m running outside of my WordPress install. My hope is to not have to tear everything down next time there is an issue.
My website has benefited from all the same changes, but it had far less content that I cared about and as such, getting it back online was easier and I’m less concerned with restoring the images. There still aren’t any updates going on over there, but the site is back up. At some point I hope to have this whole writing thing going enough to actually need But until that time, it’s a thing.
The newest addition to my bouquet of websites,, is a bit of a work in progress. Originally, Baenrahl was a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, then it was just a d20 game setting, then briefly I toyed with the idea of making it a setting for D&D 5e, now it’s just a website. I mean, it’s been a website before, in almost every iteration, this time it has its own domain name and is not a gaming site of any kind. I’m still trying to get my feet under me. I have ideas. I just haven’t found my stride yet. This most recent incarnation of Baenrahl is an exercise in fictional world building. Or that was the original idea; it seems to be evolving somewhat. In trying to decide how to present this strange alien world, I took inspiration from the likes of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s character John Carter, Ken Bulmer’s Dray Prescot, John Norman’s Tarl Cabot, and the other authors and characters of the sword and planet and planetary romance genres.
And so I have brought my own, Jovan Dorr, to the world of Kirrac and through him and the papers and journals he has written I will present the world through his eyes as interpreted by me. At this point, I think there are eight posts and some miscellaneous bits over there. Like I said, it’s a work in progress and I’m still trying to get my stride. I’m keeping it to a single post a week right now, but even still, I keep stumbling over my presentation and subject matter. My hope is that my vision of this thing will clarify and that my imagination will take off and run. Check it out from time to time and let me know what you think.