Ouch Ouch Ouch

The Gout by James Gillray
Well, it was bound to happen. Between the weight gain and the beer and the crap diet the fucking gout has acted up again. I’ve got enough pills to take care of it, assuming these things still work, the expiration date was 07/2007. But it’s late and I’ve got to do something. At this hour the doctor isn’t an option.
It’s been over 2-years since the last time this acted up. I didn’t miss it at all. Now I remember why I started losing weight. Damn health issues. Started this morning as a dull ache and I was hopeful that it wouldn’t get any worse. By the time I was driving home from Muskegon it was a screaming pain.
So it’s take two pills and then one every two hours until you’re shitting sewer water. I’ve got 2 pills left and no stomach cramps yet. Here’s hoping something takes over night.
I don’t hate my body. But I do hate the way that I’ve treated it. Got to get back on the horse and make some changes.