Super Sunday

Today I splurged a bit and took the boys to see Superman Returns. Not a bad film, certainly not something that would turn me off of Superman or off movies in general. But definitely not the way that I would have done it, you know, if I had millions of dollars to make a movie. I thought they should have made it a more intense story with Lois being married and the kid not being Clark’s. I would have put Superman in traditional red, not the dark red, almost brown, that he’s in. Also I would have gone with a bigger Superman and probably a bit older. Otherwise it was good. Picked up where Superman II left off pretty well and carried the baton of the franchise admirably. The problem was there was no wow, nothing that made me want to dig out old comics or go home and put on a cape. My 16-year old said it best, “It was better than I thought it’d be.”

I don’t want you to think that it was a bummer of a movie so let me give you the best parts, to my way of thinking. Tearing the wing off the plane, cool, because that’s what should happen. Bullet to the eye, spoiled by the trailer, but very cool. New Lois Lane, much hotter than before. Special effects, as flawless as you’d expect in a big budget picture. The new chest emblem, pretty sweet. Lex Luther, more evil, less cheese, all around better.

I had something I wanted to tell you about on Friday, but I didn’t get around to posting and I can’t think what it was. Don’t you hate it when that happens.