Mark and Dawn and Pete

We were supposed to be at a birthday party tonight, but we forgot until we were nearly in Grand Haven. Oops. Our pals, Mark and Dawn, rented a RV and have been trying out the RVing lifestyle. Tonight they’re in Grand Haven at the campground so we went and saw them. Walk on the beach. Have some  drinks. Actually interact with people on this side of the state.
We got there and were a little annoyed that we had to pay the park toll booth to visit our friends, but I guess it’s the way things are. But the RV campground was crazy… basically a parking lot on the beach full of giant RV’s and lots of wandering people. Even stranger was the way everything went dark and quiet at 10:00 pm on a Friday night. Maybe there’s a rule. I don’t know, I was just there to visit.
We were visiting with our friends when there was a knock on the door. Just a ‘neighbor’ stopping by to check out the RV and say hi. Mark invited him in for a beer and he came in with the second invite. Which was good, because it was a little weird talking to him through the screen door. Guy’s name is Pete and I must say he’s quite a character. A real talker, a story teller kind of guy, the kind of guy who has done it all. I think I have a bit of a man-crush on him. Turns out he’s from right down the street in Wyoming, MI. He’s a Vietnam Veteran. A cowboy action shooter. A retired firefighter. A Harley Davidson rider. He’s worked with both the Silver Bullet folks (where we’re going for shooting lessons) and the Rockford Sportsman’s Club (where I want to do the cowboy shooting thing). He’s flown planes and parachuted out of them. He seems like a really good guy. He talked about cigars with Tasha, RV’s with Mark, liveaboards with me, dog’s with Dawn, and was just generally entertaining. It was nice to meet him and I’m hopeful that we can parlay this into a friendship.
After Pete left, the four of us walked down the beach and out onto the pier. The ladies were a little tipsy but it was nice. We visited a bit more and then when we went to leave we found that we’d been padlocked into the campground. After some searching Tasha and Dawn found a way to get out from the nearby fisherman’s lot and we were able to slip away into the night and go home.
Not bad for six dollars. It was a good night.