Arohen = R O N. Get it? Probably not, no one does!

So I’ve been online for about a month now but has been squatted and won’t be available until sometime in August. So for now, I’ll use blogger and take full advantage of all the toys that Google puts at my fingertips for free.

When I let the domain expire I was going through a divorce, about to be put out of work, losing my house, and my life was pretty much in shambles. Since then, June 2006, a lot has gone on and a lot has changed. But through it all I’ve tried to look at the bright side and not get to down about everything.

I let the second half of 2006 just kind of slide by, collecting unemployment, waiting for the house to be forclosed on and trying to convince my wife that we didn’t need to divorce. Well, come January 2007 I was out of the house and living with my sister, my divorce was final, and I was quickly coming to the end of my unemployment. It was time to make some decisions and choose a direction.

So I went back to work for Nichols Heating and Cooling part time, signed up at Northwestern Technological Institute (a HVAC trade school), began dating my first wife, and started moving forward with my life. I had a plan. A path. A direction.

Then I got sick. Really sick. Hospitalized for four or five days. Now I’ve got bills that I hadn’t planned on, big bills. Damn, there’s always something.

I’ve lost a bunch of weight, slacked off and gained some back, and am losing again. I’m no longer dating my first wife despite the fact that we never really broke up… just sort of drifted apart again. And my 10-months of school is nearly done. I’m still working at Nichols, my bills are getting paid, and my sister and I are still getting along fine. Things are going pretty well, all things considered.

That’s whats been happening with me in short.