The Machines of Da Vinci

We went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum tonight after dinner at Mojo’s. The museum is having a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit called, Machines in Motion. It’s a bunch of machines built from the drawings and designs of Leonardo  Da Vinci; the tank, the helicopter, the glider, etc… I think there were about fourty of them in total, not all of them to full scale. It was very interesting. Especially when you think that this wall all done around the late 1400’s. My favorite was the wooden bicycle, but the one I was most impressed with was the ingenuous ratcheting machine with the wheels that went in opposite directions. I’m sure it has a name, but it escapes me at this moment. It’s amazing what he did with wood, rope, glue, and just a touch of metal.
The rest of the museum was kinda hit or miss for me. I enjoyed the 6-foot globe, though the spinning mechanism was broken and I couldn’t really see much of North America and none of Australia. There was a 20-foot high bias relief map of Michigan that was made in the 1940’s that was cool. And a blow up of Kent county from that same time that was neat. I liked all the animal habitat exhibits, but then I always like that stuff. It’s cool to see how big a moose or elephant is without having to actually encounter one. The golden eagle was very impressive in size. The Streets of Old G.R. was kinda cool, but I’ve seen that sort of thing before. The Egyptian exhibit was a small thing of not much note.  I really didn’t give a crap about the furniture stuff, and there was a lot of furniture stuff. I recognize that Grand Rapids is some sort of furniture city, but I don’t care. We skipped the Newcomers exhibit entirely, a big who cares. Neither of us had a dollar so we skipped the Carousel, but we’ll probably hit it next time we go. And we will go back, because we want to go to the planetarium when they’re not showing Pink Floyd.
A bit later in the evening I spent some time with City of Heroes. They’ve released their latest patch, which allows you to change the color of your powers. Which is the kind of shit I dig. So I spent a couple hours tweaking my heroes colors. I like it. Too bad none of my friends are playing this game because I still think it’s pretty cool. Not that I really have a lot of game playing going on right now. I know it sounds like that last statement is a lie, what with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, various PC mmo’s, and the fantasy football. But really, I haven’t been spending much time playing games. I think I’m just wanting to be swept away by something. And so far the games haven’t done it. But I keep trying.
One other thing of note…. Jay has signed in for the Franchise. So I’ve got to acknowledge that and stop giving him grief. Kevin and Denis…. yeah, they still get the grief.