Zen and the Art of Auto Maintenance

Took the car in to Midas this morning. I’ve been meaning to take it somewhere for a while, and now that we have Tasha’s car here, this morning seemed as good a time as any. The thing has over 86,000 miles on it now and my list of things that need attention was long; mushy brakes, squealing belt, front tires and alignment, tune-up, and oil change. So I was hoping to get out of there for $600, but expecting it to be more like $1000. This is what happens when you wait too long for these repairs. So I was expecting to pay some cash. Which I was okay with.
I took it to Midas because, well, they just seemed like they were equipped to do everything I wanted done. They gave my car the thorough once over and brought back a slightly expanded list of things that needed attention. I pretty much expected that there were things I hadn’t noticed yet, so no surprise there. In the end, the oil was changed, the other fluids were topped off and the car given a tune up, the fuel injectors  cleaned, the battery was replaced, the brakes were checked (and were still good, but needed to be bled and adjusted to fix the pedal), both serpentine belts were replaced, the front end was aligned, we got a new set of spark plugs and wires, and we replaced all four tires (a nice matching set). It was a lot of work and I didn’t expect to see the car again until Monday afternoon, but they had it ready for us by 4:30 pm. It cost me just shy of $1,200, but we want to keep this car for another year-and-a-half or maybe two before we get another and just going on what I’ve had to do to this car in the past, probably this’ll be the last repair I do to it. So it was more than I thought it’d be, but not too much so and I feel confident in the work. It’s all good.
We got the all the laundry washed, folded, and put away, despite the fact that our new (or rather most recent, this thing may be 50 years old) washing machine seems to leak slightly. Which is very nice, considering the last one didn’t spin out anymore. We can deal with a slight leak for a weekend. Tasha did her house stuff, went to the store, and then made some very good nacho’s for dinner (after freaking out about the cost of the car repair). Apparently, stress makes her a wiz in the kitchen.
nfl packersnfl_lionsRMy Packers and I played my unofficial, preseason game against Kevin and his Lions team on the PS3 earlier. And the Packers (28) came out on top of the Lions (14). Jay was in the background, probably sitting on Kevin’s couch, and I like to think he was watching film and wondering how he’ll ever be able to beat this powerhouse that is Green Bay with his lowly Bears. He was hard to hear, but the fear and trepidation came through loud and clear. And Denis? rumor has it that he’ll pick up his copy of the game tomorrow. Not that it matters, he’s not very good at sports games or any games for that matter. I have no fear of his weak skills.
Oh yeah, I must acknowledge that Kevin has joined the Franchise. No more flack for him.
I’m off to play some Burnout with Denis on the PS3. Perhaps Jay and Kevin will be around later to join. So many games, so little time.