The Continuing Adventures of the Daredevil-Idiot

Today I ran a chimney liner. Not a big deal, except that it put me 40-feet in the air on a snow covered roof in freezing, windy weather. I mean it was windy, cold, and the roof had easily 4″ of powdery snow on it and more was falling as I worked. Big fun. Wait, it gets better. I had to slide and jump off onto a balcony to get down. And as I promised the guy I was working with, this one is going to make it onto the blog. Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do at work.

I never would have gotten up there if the balcony wasn’t there, because I knew, absolutely knew, that at some point I was going to slide off the roof. But these folks are mad their job isn’t done yet and I told the boss I’d make it happen. And really, that is the reason I was up there. Not just because I’m a daredevil-idiot, but because I said I’d get it done. Well, it’s done.

Well, my mailbox was empty again today; maybe it really is over. Maybe I should just stop holding out hope. Maybe I should just go the fuck over there and ask. Nah. That’s probably, exactly what I shouldn’t do. The lesson here is to be aware that when you give your heart away you can never be sure what will happen to it. And while you never get it back, it will in time replace itself. Usually, just in time to give it away again. In the meantime I shall wallow in my heartbreak.

Just 6 more days of school left. Still haven’t talked to the boss about my future with the company, but I’m pretty sure he wants to keep me around. Oh, one of our techs got fired today for trying to sell customers work on the side. That’s never a good idea. Gotta keep your side stuff as far away from the company stuff as possible and you never want the boss to find out that he lost a job because the decided to have you do it. You gotta be smart about this stuff. Anyway, now that he’s gone maybe my chances of getting a new truck and the raise I’m looking for to work full time are looking better. See, that’s the bright side of the coin. On the other side is less people and more work.

I’m going to go drink a beer and wallow for a bit. Peace out.