A New Kind of Football Game

Finally the magic combination of a QuickHit Football code and a working website have come together to allow me to try out the game. I like it. It’s almost a football RPG. You’re the coach, you pick the plays and the players do their thing, you play games and earn points, after enough points you ‘level’ up and get different points that you use to improve your players. Which kinda pulls you along because you don’t want your players to suck. A word of advice, don’t pack all your points on one player, because you’ll end up with a QB that’s 3x as good as everybody else and if you’re throwing to a guy who can’t run a route or catch a ball it really doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar. And there’s no way I can see to reallocate your points once you’ve left the training screen. I’m just saying.
There is a download, so it’s not a completely online game. And there is a bit of lag, but not bad. The quarters are 3-minutes long and it takes about 20-minutes to play through a game. There’s some fun to be had here if you like football. I can see this being nice at the office, if I had an office, assuming you can put a small program on your machine. Codes still seem to be taking awhile to get, mine took four or five days to arrive, and I guess that’s because it’s still in beta. Give it a shot if it sounds good to you and then send me a friend invite. I’m arohen and my team is the Grand Rapids Lions. I haven’t played any human opponents yet, but I have played a number of the AI teams with mixed results:

Game Results
9/21     Brooklyn Gorillas        L          21-14   B Justice
9/21     Seattle Lonewolfs       W        10-7     R Chaput
9/21     Greenwich Guppies    L          21-10   T Wooten
9/21     South Shore Pirates     W        17-14   L Schnabel
9/21     Chicago Bombers        W        24-14   M Goldsmith

In other football news, things are looking bad for my fantasy team. I’ve got two guys who scored me no points and one guy who managed to get negative points. I’m losing by 8 points. And my opponent has two players playing tonight. So my record will be 1-1-0 by tomorrow morning. Congrats to my opponent, Yesterdays Corn.
Denis has picked up his copy of Madden 10 and I expect that he’ll be in the league sometime tomorrow. Looks like this thing might actually happen.
And last but not least, today is Doug’s birthday. Doug, do you still remember high school? Twenty-three years ago? We’ve had a good run, happy birthday.