Vote. Yes, I Did

I put my two cents into the primary pot this evening. And realized while I was doing so, this may very well have been the first primary I’ve voted in. Which seems strange, given the number of elections I have had the opportunity to vote in. Ah well, it’s done.
I will say that the number of hoops I need to go through to vote is ridiculous. First, fill out a form that includes my name, address, date of birth, signature, and party of choice. Which makes me uncomfortable to begin with because there is no reason for them to need any of that and certainly not when you consider what comes next. Then give this form to the clerk who compares it to my drivers license before sending me to the next table.
At the next table, I give over the form and drivers license again. Only this time they keep the little form, swipe my drivers license, enter the ballot number I’m using into a computer, and hand me my ballot. All of which makes me think there is no chance that my vote is confidential in any way. Then they send me to vote.
I choose my poison and color in my dot. Then I give the ballot number part of the ballot to a different clerk, pick up a sticker, and put my ballot into a scanning/counting machine.
As I walk out of the church, thinking how little separation there really is, I can’t help feel like an animal that has just been caught, tagged, and released back into the wild.
But maybe that’s just me.