PREACH on this little bit of FAITH

I’m feeling like ranting. So I think I will.

Did you write that letter or did your husband write it and have you sign it? Selfish and wrong? So god wants you to be unhappy? Or did you just decide that you can be unhappy and live with it? Whatever. Yes, it was the wrong way to go about it and yes some people got hurt. My family, no, they didn’t get hurt… hell, they don’t even care one way or the other. Your family, yeah, I’ll agree that they got hurt. Sorry.

Fuck. If you’ve got issues with guilt and god, great, but damn it if I’m going be satisfied with that crap ass excuse about god making his presence felt to you. Unless everything you told me about the dynamic of your relationship was a lie, well, god don’t roll like that. At least my god doesn’t. He wants me to be happy, healthy, and at peace. But whatever gets you through this.

And b.t.w., your man will never let you forget this incident. He will never forget it either. You’re fucked whether you stay or leave. I just hope you take my advice and get some marriage counseling, because you’re gonna need it.

So the day that I felt things had finally blossomed, was also the day it all collapsed. You say you’ll never see or communicate with me again… well, okay. But I’ll be around, somewhere. Just remember that when things get bad in 6-months or a year. But from here on out, I don’t share and I don’t play second fiddle to any other man. I’ve learned my lesson.

Oh and when either of you read this and get pissed off and want to leave a nasty comment, just know that it’s expected, I’m not afraid of it, and it won’t get deleted.

I’m out. Peace.