Football, Football, Football

nfl packersnfl vikingsRIt’s official, Denis is in the PS3 Madden 10 Franchise. We played a practice game tonight. I didn’t do so well. I completed 3 passes for 38 yards and ran for another 18. I had 3 balls intercepted and another 3 knocked out of the air. Fortunately, he didn’t play that much better or it could have been a real blowout. It was not a good game. Final score was, 14 Vikings @ Packers 3. Ah well, we’re calling it preseason. And anyway, I’ll whoop up on his purple ass in the regular season when it counts. Which leaves only Jay to test myself against, and that seems odd; odd only because his Chicago Bears are my first game of the season, so if we played a preseason match we’d only be turning around and playing an official match right after. I had intended for him to be my first game, but things didn’t work out that way. I guess I’ll leave it up to him.
RampantYesterdays Corn whipped up all over me in the fantasy league, beating me by better than 30-points. Everything I said yesterday still applies. No changes for me, I had nobody playing in the Monday Night game. Needless to say, he did. Final score was: Yesterdays Corn 138.8, Rampant 108.5. Here’s hoping that I get better results next weekend.