My Funny Valentine

My little triangle of indecision is crumbling. I finally talked to one lady — after months of not so much — that train has left the station and we agree that it’s not going any place we wanted to go. Another has pretty much tied herself to her new man and only wants me around when she’s lonely or something needs fixin’, it took awhile, but I’m okay with that. And of course there was my rant yesterday about the married lady. Ah well. Still love ’em all, even if the feelings aren’t mutual.

To all three of them, I’m sending out best wishes that your Valentine holiday is everything you could hope for. Happy Valentines Day. Chocolates, flowers, and cards all around.

I’m a little calmer today. A little less riled up. Got a letter in the mail yesterday that put me over the top… as if you didn’t notice.

Out of school by 11:30 and the boss is on vacation for the next four days, this could be the start of a good weekend. Calm. Serene. Peaceful. Unhurried. Haven’t had one like that in a long time. I’ve got to take the boy to the dentist and study for my 410A certification, but other than that I got nothin. Sweet.