Sunday Means Football

nfl bearsLnfl packersRI played my first Franchise game in Madden 10 tonight. Jay’s Bears against my Packers. If you want the whole crap-load of stats, and I can’t imagine you do, you can check them out on the Madden Franchise site, here. Actually, I’m not certain that you’ll actually be able to see that page. I’ll simply say that things went pretty much my way throughout the game and I won, 14 Bears @ Packers 24. I had one fumble, but Jay had 1 fumble and a whopping 5 interceptions. I wanted to win, but not that way. Jay was a good sport about it and I look forward to a less one-sided affair when next our two teams meet.
RampantIn the No Nuts, No Glory fantasy league, my Rampant lost for the second week in a row. In fact, my scores seem to be going down with each week. It’s not how I’d hoped this would go. Anyway, final score in the game; WTF? 114.3, Rampant 94.1. I don’t really have much hope of the team improving, because I just can’t bring myself to care all that much. I do what I feel I must to remain competetive, but I just don’t really like the way the league is structured, rules wise. I don’t like people working on the waiver wire while the weeks games are still being played. I think there should be a period where the rosters are locked, say from the time the first game of the week starts until the time the last game of the week ends. No moves. No trades. No actions. But that’s just me and it’s not my league. I imagine that everybody else in this league is sitting around with their laptops on their lap as they watch the games and making changes to their team in damn near real time… Sorry. I’m not that into it. I beat my brother and that was my goal. We’ll just have to see how this whole thing plays out.
GRLionsHave you had a chance to check out Quick Hit Football? My brother has, but I had to send him an extra code I had because as far as I know he still hasn’t gotten the one he applied for. My team is doing pretty well, at least I feel like it’s doing pretty well. I’ve got a record of  11-5-0 and a coaching level of 12. I played one game against a real person, and they quit on me in the 4th quarter because they were loosing. Which was made doubly annoying by the fact that them quitting meant that I lost 1200+ points that would have gone towards leveling me up the coaching scale. As a result, I’ve not taken another chance on real people. My impressions of the game are still favorable. It sounds like they’re planning on a lot of cool features, but it’s still in beta right now, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see what all comes to fruition.