Charting My Path

I’ve been working on my story. Getting my ideas put into some sort of order. Fleshing out the characters. Determining locations. And I’ve got to say it’s coming along pretty good. I haven’t heard from Doug since I broached the NaNo subject, so I can only hope that things are going as well for him. Tasha has been helping me out with some of the psychology, motives, and general story stuff as this tale is more along the type of stuff that she reads than what I read. I’ve read some suspense/crime fiction but mostly my connection to the genre is through the television, so it’s nice to have her input.
I started to fill out a character chart for my main character, with the intention of completeing one for each of my primary supporting characters. But the chart I was working from was a 5-page survey and a lot of the questions I couldn’t answer, didn’t seem to fit, or didn’t seem relevant to the character or story. I understand the point of the exercise is to know your character, but this seemed excessive. I stopped that particular exercise for the time being. It’s just not how I do things and it felt uncomfortable. So I’ve been working on a plot diagram. I don’t think it’ll make a lot of sense to you. It makes sense to me, and I guess that’s what’s important. This is what I’ve got up to this point.

Story Connections
Story Connections

Sunday was a bad day for Fantasy Football if you’re the manager of the Rampant team, which I am. Monday wasn’t any better. I didn’t pay enough attention and started two players who had bye weeks. And the players that did start didn’t do so well. My bench outscored my starting roster. I lost the game. I suck. Oh well.
That’s about all that’s happened over the last couple days. I’m giving myself headaches thinking around corners and getting my ducks in order, but it’s all good, and I think the story will benefit from all the effort. That’s all for now. Later.