Spiders are Yucky

Just put up my Sunday post for Baenrahl.com. Today’s article clocks in a just under 800-words.
Also, I don’t think I mentioned it, but Doug pointed out that if you didn’t type www.baenrahl.com your browser wouldn’t find the site. So typing baenrhal.com would just bring up a page saying there was no such page. Which is dumb. I can’t remember the last time I had to type the www. Anyway, I fixed that. You can get there either way now. It was just a check box in blogger that make the redirect happen. It wasn’t hidden exactly, but it wasn’t terribly obvious either. Thanks to him for pointing that out.
Here is a bit of a teaser for today’s post.
BaenrahlWebsiteBaenrahl is Spiders & Stratagems
The world of Kirrac, as presented by Jovan Dorr, is one of swashbuckling action and adventure, he and his cadre of comrades are constantly confronted by challenging foes who inevitably have more influence, money, and power than they themselves. But such is the life of a courtier to be bathed in politics and constantly faced with the malice of one’s rivals. It is a life that should be full of wenches and wine cups, but is instead fraught with distressed duchesses, betrayed barons, and endangered emissaries who turn to these flashing personalities for protection and justice. Read more here…