Fish, the Best Friend

Newfoundland Dog
Newfoundland Dog

If you visit Coconut Attitude you’re sure to encounter Josh’s dog, Fish. He’s a very large, very black Newfoundland Dog.  Around the marina Fish is famous for his giant size, deep bark, sweet disposition, and his swimming; everyone knows Fish.
Fish is huge. He’s 28-inches tall at the shoulder, more than 5-1/2 feet from nose to tail, weighs 180 pounds, and is covered in shaggy black fur. It is not uncommon for people to mention his resemblance to a bear when first seeing him. His head is the size of a pumpkin; a black, droopy lipped, hang jowl, slobbering pumpkin. To look at his soft, drooling expression you might think him a bit slow, but he carries himself with a benevolent and dignified temperament.
Despite his huge size and intimidating appearance, Fish, is a well trained, loving, and patient dog. His gentleness, kindness, and alertness have kept more than one child out of the marina’s depths. Fish does not typically bark or growl when visitors come to the boat, instead he simply places himself in such a way as to protect Josh and block the strangers path onto the boat. Despite this protectiveness of  his boat, Fish, has taken to swimming amongst the other boats throughout the marina, in his slightly odd and comical breaststroke,  begging for handouts and checking up on everyone.
Fish loves to swim and be in the water. He can often be found swimming in circles behind the Coconut Attitude. But Fish does not like to dry himself on the deck of the boat or on the dock. If there was one source of contention between Fish and Josh, this would be it.