Wounded Goblin Repair

I picked this little guy up from Amazon.com a little while back and the seller had the foresight to mail it in one of those bubble lined envelopes. I imagine that he ran into some difficulties en route and arrived in three very distinct and obviously unintentional pieces. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here, as I would be very disappointed to realize that he went into the envelope in that condition.
I probably should have sent him back and demanded a new one, but where’s the challenge in that. So I decided to fix him. In this picture you can see the three distinct pieces and the rather ugly crack in the arm. All of which I hope to fix.
So let’s break out the super glue and get at it.
The repair was pretty simple, made even easier by using 10-25 second glue instead of the 5-10 second stuff that never lets you get things positioned right. I’m happy with the results.
So now that he’s whole he can go back up on the shelf as a reminder of all those years and all the good times I had roleplaying with the crew.
And yes, I know, the shelves shill aren’t painted. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I’ll get to it. Eventually.