Another Email from Host

I don’t know what they think I’m going to do with all this garbage. I just host a WordPress blog. They are the host. Anybody have any ideas. I think I’ve shut off or gotten rid of everything that the interweb says might be causing a problem. I shut off trackbacks and pingbacks tonight. I’m out of ideas.

Stats for 19 Mar 2016:
CPU Usage – %1.81
MEM Usage – %0.01
Number of MySQL procs (average) – 0.05
Top Process %CPU 66.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Top Process %CPU 56.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Top Process %CPU 54.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Stats for 18 Mar 2016:
CPU Usage – %4.26
MEM Usage – %0.01
Number of MySQL procs (average) – 0.07
Top Process %CPU 109.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Top Process %CPU 106.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Top Process %CPU 84.00 /usr/bin/php /home/ronnm0/public_html/arohen/index.php
Unfortunately, this is still high for the shared server environment. Please continue with your updates and optimizations to bring down your resource usage and please keep us posted on your work progress so that we can take an appropriate action further on this issue.

I spent all day working in my storage room in the basement. Moving boxes around so I could build shelves and then moving the boxes again and building more shelves. I’m tired and sore. Baenrahl will have to wait until tomorrow. And I’m sure as hell to tired to worry about this.