Nothing Here But Tiggers

I managed to do something for the Baenrahl page, two weeks late. That’s not entirely true, last weekend I put up the glossary page, but I don’t know that I should count that, being it’s a page and not a post. Whatever, keeping up with all this stuff is harder than it looks. But you can check that out over there.
I can’t seem to come up with anything for this page tonight that wouldn’t be a work related rant, or maybe two work related rants. But I’m not going to go there. That’s the kind of stuff that gets you fired or disciplined or brought to the attention of the higher ups. So, no work rant.
So I’m going to cheap out and just give you a picture for throwback Thursday on Facebook. You may notice that my brother has a broken leg in this picture. That’s why you have to be careful with little brothers, they’re very fragile. Tiggers bounce and tiggers kick and if you don’t watch your mouth, tiggers will break your leg in two. You’ve been warned.

Watch it or I'll break the other one too
1976 – Watch it or I’ll break the other one too