Cancel This, Cancel That

Today I cancelled my subscription to HGTV Magazine, about three years late, but its done. I never found much in there worth looking at, mostly, it’s not my style. I liked the HGTV channel, back when I had cable, but the magazine doesn’t really make the cut.
Also, I cancelled my Champions Online account, again. I intended for it to be a one month subscription to get in there and check it out, see if anything new was going on. There is nothing new. There are fewer people playing. And even the character builder wasn’t doing it for me this time around. I missed the date to cancel it after a month, but it will not be going past two months. I think I’m finally done with this game.
I worked on the closet conversion until about 8 pm; took out the upper shelf, put down the plywood for the base, patched some screw holes, and I cut down all my shelving boards to the proper width. In the picture, the carpet has rolled up against the base and pretty much hides it, that’ll be gone before this is all done. Tomorrow should be a day of noticeable progress.
In other news, it will be a week tomorrow since I started taking this antibiotic for my leg where the cat got me and initially things looked better, but now it’s red all the way round and very itchy. I’ve got three days left of pills, but I’m guessing that I’ll be going back to the doctor afterward. This doesn’t seem right.