Hex Shelves Painted

I used some of my paint from previous projects to put some earthy tones on the inner hexes. The colors don’t show up all that well, but it’s a green-grey, light tan, and the coco-brown from the basement bedroom. I painted the exterior of the hexes with the same white as all the trim in the room, or the same color all the trim will be once the painting gets done. Then I wanted a dark color for the hex lines and I went with some java brown I had on the shelf. The inside images are from the World of Greyhawk map, a huge influence on me from earlier days.
What’s next? I will probably add some black tint to the border brown, I just don’t feel like it’s dark enough. Then I’m going to give the whole thing a coat of satin polyurethane to give it a uniform gloss, harden the surfaces up so they don’t peel or stick to anything displayed on them, and to seal the map paper to the backing. The stuff won’t be going back on until the walls get painted in the next few days/weeks/months… you know how these things go.