Closet Converted

The closet conversion is complete. Mind you that there is stuff outside the closet that is not finished, i.e. that mess of a three color wall. The shelves are done, the drawer is done, the painting is done, it’s all done. You may be wondering why nothing on the shelves. The paint. Latex paint dries to the touch quickly, like within an hour, sometimes faster. The issue being, that it takes much longer to cure. I’ve read that it can take as much as two weeks for it to cure through. Until it’s cured there is a pretty good chance that it’ll be sticky and I DO NOT want my books to stick to the shelves. So, I’m waiting a bit before I fill up the closet.
That dent at the front of the bottom ledge, that’s me going to fast and smashing the base with a hammer as I put down the carpet tack strip. Doh! Pine is so damn soft, but so damn cheap.