It was Fine. Fine isn't Good Enough.

Let’s start a new project. Why the hell not. I’m going to call this one the desk project, because it involves building a desk. The desk will be built in four parts; shelves for the front of the desk, two cabinets, and the desk top. Tonight we’re redoing something that was already mostly done.

not quite what I want anymore

I made this as a front for my existing desk. I made it with a circular saw and screws and It was my first try at this stuff. It was nice enough for then, but now it needs to be better. It needs to be shorter. It needs to have the trim work resized. It needs to be thinner, front to back. But mostly, it needs to become the actual front side of the new desk.
I tore it apart, right down to the individual planks, and then I ran everything through the table saw to make the board depth identical and clean. Then I put the shelves back together.
now we’re getting somewhere

I’ll trim the front out to match the style in the closet and put a new backing on it. Part two will be the cabinets.
Dear lord, my office is a dusty mess an there are tools and toys everywhere.