Weekend Projects: Shelves

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m redoing one set of shelves and replacing another. What you’re looking at here are the Sunday night progress for these two projects. I’ll do a more in-depth look at each in the near future. Directly below is the rebuilt shelves that sit in front of the desk. If you blow up the picture to full size, you’ll see that the trim extends out beyond the shelving unit at the top and sides. This is because it will be built into the new desk. The file drawers and computer compartment will tie-in on the sides and then the new desk top will set on top of the three pieces and they’ll all tie together into one very homemade/DIY desk.

front of new desk

This is the unfinished build for the bookcase. This thing is HEAVY. Like three sheets of 3/4 plywood heavy. It is also incredibly strong, which it had to be to span the full 72″ without any center supports. The hole in the bottom is to allow air to my return air ducting in the wall and the other hole is to accommodate the outlet that would otherwise be behind this beast. And since it’s going to be screwed to the wall, that would make it inaccessible. This way, I don’t lose an outlet.
a book shelf

So I have a couple more pieces to make for the desk, but the bookshelf is nearly ready to go. I’ve got to sand both pieces, you can see by the layer of dust on the desk that doing this inside is a bad idea. I’m going to sand and  prime the bookshelf in the garage, if the weather get’s better I’ll probably paint it out there too. But realistically, if I were willing to make a bigger mess of my office, it’s ready to go and I could just finish it installed against the wall.