I Have Almost Nothing For You Tonight

I had two emergencies today at work, which did nothing for helping me get my 21 remaining spring preventative maintenance work orders done this month.
My office is a friggin’ mess. It’s a dusty mess, stuff is in all the wrong places, and everybody keeps asking where the pedestals are going.
My back hurts from repeatedly moving that heavy-ass bookcase around the garage. But I did make some progress on it. I used the router to shave the boards flush on the bookcase, filled in some flaws with filler, gave it a good sanding down, and painted the exposed underside black.
I tried to find a picture to put here but had no luck, or rather, no inspiration. No picture for you.
Then I cleaned the garage, came inside, and tried to figure out how much longer I get HBO for $1. I think it ends next month.
Also, I don’t think I mentioned it, but I found a color match for the siding on the house, so I picked up 6-pieces and I guess I’ll have to fix that mess on the side of the house, patch the area in back where the weird fan was, and I noticed that there is a couple other bits I might be able to fix.
Also, also, in new and notable events, Captain America rear ended the car at the Motor City Comic Con. This will be the third trip to the body shop for a new bumper in the last 12-months. Sigh.