It Fits

Sure, I dinged a couple walls getting it in the room. And, yes, I may have scraped the door and the trim wiggling it into place. But the long and short of it, is that my plan worked. It fits. It fits right where it’s supposed to and it’s just about as perfect as it can be in this old house where there isn’t a square wall to be found. Not too tall. Not too wide. Not too deep.
I changed the outlet to a white one and painted that section of the wall. I screwed the bookcase to the wall at the top and bottom, so it won’t move or fall over. Not that I can imagine that happening. Did I mention how heavy this thing is? I’m pretty sure I did. It’s very heavy.
I need to patch the screw holes, cut the carpet, tack down the carpet, and of course there is still painting to be done. The bookcase needs to have the top repainted; it wasn’t a smooth finish so I sanded and scraped it a bit. The whole office needs a coat of “Elephant Skin” grey. And there needs to be some touch up done on the door and trim work.
And while I had the foresight to paint the exposed underside of the cabinet black; I forgot about the floor. Which has a very particle board color going on. I will probably have to do something about that as well.
We’re getting there.