Games I'm Not Playing

I picked up Champions Online a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed City of Heroes while I was playing it so I thought I’d give this new super-powered MMORPG by the same studio a chance. Strangely, I wasn’t particularly geeked about the purchase. I actually left the damn thing in the truck for 3-days before I even brought it in the house to install it, which is very unusual for me. My excitement didn’t increase after the install either, I downloaded the patch and started using the character creator…. but I shut it down before I’d even finished making a character. I didn’t pick it up again for a week. Then, I did make it through the character builder, but shut it off two minutes into the tutorial. I just don’t care. I don’t like the graphic style of the game, I found the character builder to be clunky and not very intuitive, it’s just not doing it for me. I’m not willing to invest myself in this game.
My City of Heroes account expires next month and I have no interest in renewing it. I’m not going to pay for anymore time for Champions. I tried the free/pirate version of WoW and found it lame. Really, the only MMO that I’m playing is Dungeons & Dragons Online and that’s only because it’s free and I have a few friends playing it. Friends make these games worth it, otherwise… I’ve learned that I don’t care much about them. I guess I’m not a MMORPG kind of guy.
nfl vikingsnfl packersRRampantFootball isn’t going much better. I lost again in my fantasy football league giving me a 1-5-0 record and one of the lowest point totals in the league. Sadly, I don’t care. I’ve managed to get my QuickHit team to level 13, but haven’t put much time into that either. And as for Madden 10 on the PS3, I beat Denis in overtime, 48-42, but it’s been more than a week and Jay and Kevin haven’t played their league game. I don’t think either of them is having any fun with it, which means this won’t last. And my Lions are doing not-so-well. At least they won one game.
Forza 3 comes out next week for the 360 and I’m looking forward to that, but with NaNoWriMo I won’t have much time to play it. Maybe I’ll hold off and hope I get it for Christmas.