A Recap of the Weekends Events

Now, where were we?

The weekend has come and gone and you didn’t hear a peep from me. I’m betting you’re on pins and needles wondering what the hell I did with myself for the last three days. Come on. I know you are. Okay, I’ll throw you a bone.

Friday I worked and then went to dinner with my ex-wife (#2). I don’t remember what I did at work, but I know that after work dinner was good, the company was good, and I was home early enough to be rested for my test. See below.

Saturday I went and kicked total ass on my R-410A certification, I may have gotten 2 questions wrong. Then I went shopping for new boots, a handgun, some clothes, and a new TV. The shopping trip was a bomb because, well, because I didn’t actually want to spend any money. I know. I know. Why go shopping if you’re not gonna spend any money. Did I mention I hate the mall? Anyway, the only thing I was willing to spend money on was boots… and they’ve got to order those. Sheeeeeeit. So after that little endeavor I took some friends out to dinner and we hung out for a bit. Then I went to Kroger and bought beer and then to K mart and bought nothing and talked to ex-wife #1 on the telephone.

Sunday I got together with my friends, as we do nearly every other Sunday. We ate pizza, played some games, and hung out until way to damn late, 12:00am or so. I must admit that some Rock Band was played on the PS3 and that this time I did join in. It really is a fun game. I like the singing best, but the guitar, bass, and even the drums are fun on easy (I’m not very good). Then I went home and didn’t sleep well at all worrying about going to work on Monday.

Today, I got up and went to work like everybody else. No more school. I didn’t get to talk to the boss about anything I wanted to, the exhaust on my truck came loose twice, but I did get one of my outstanding jobs done and made good progress on one other. I turned down a side job, no sense in being the next one fired for doing side jobs. And I managed to get a little bit of overtime. Then I got a hair cut…

…not too bad. Went and picked up my new boots, sent the old boots in to be re-toed. Went back to the mall and did some more non-shopping. Got some dinner and went to the library. And then came home and wrote this.

Okay, here’s the deal…. I’ve got to work later. I’ve got too much time right now and that just makes me realize that I’m lonely and I don’t like that feeling. Need to keep busy. Mustn’t think about it.

Anyway. That’s the short and sweet version of what’s gone on over the last couple days.

In my head, I’ve talked to my boss about a hundred times, talked to the unhappy ex-husband in a number of different situations, had sex with both my ex-wives, a waitress, and a friends girlfriend, bought my kids the Rock Band stuff for Xbox360, and spent loads of money trying to make myself content…. fortunately that was all just in my head.

Ahh, the pleasures of blogging. Peace out. Later.