Oncall and Ready for Action

So really not much goiing on around here. I talked to my boss the other day… I’m getting a new truck and my Mechanical License paperwork signed, but he’s got to think about the raise. I’ll be knockin’ on his door Friday. And maybe Saturday if I don’t get the answers I’m looking for. (Did I mention I’m working Saturday? Well, I am.)

Today I paid off a couple of the medical bills that have been collecting dust around here since I got hospitalized last year. There are still a lot left, so don’t get to excited about that news. I checked my credit scores last night and wasn’t terribly thrilled, or surprised, by the numbers that came back. So I decided that rather than buy a new toy, I need to get my credit back in order. So that’s the plan.

Sorry for no post, but I spent my spare time last night either driving around thinking and planning, on the phone, or doing credit related stuff. And the night before I worked a 14-hour day, thats a really good way to keep your mind off your troubles. I find that if I work enough I don’t have time to miss the company of a good woman or worry about how in the hell I’ll ever meet one again.

I was told the other night that I’ve seemingly regained the confidence that I had lost somehow while I was working for MCI/WorldCom/Verizon. That’s an easy one to explain. When I was doing that job I didn’t feel very competent and yet I couldn’t walk away from the money. After they laid me off I was able to choose a path. I chose HVACR. Then I went to school where I did well, felt competent, and was acknowledged for my skill. Now I’m doing the job that I want to do and I feel that I’m pretty damn good at it. My life problems seem small and relatively easy to fix. My future is bright and I can see where I’m going. Plus, I’ve lost weight and am feeling better about the way I look. Despite being hurt by my last girlfriend, both of my ex-wives seem to be fond of me and that helps the ego, and I’ve been getting favorable responses to any flirting I do out in the real world. So yeah, I guess I’m feeling confident. It’s a good feeling and one that’s been a long time in coming.

So weird thing happend the other night… my mom called my sister and asked if I had bought a new car. Why would she ask that? I mean, that’s kind of a weird question to just come up with. Isn’t it? Did she think that she’d seen me cruising around Orlando or something? Just seemed odd to me. But a new truck would be nice. Maybe in a couple months, after I’ve moved out and have a better idea what the budget looks like.

In case you’re wondering, because I was, it seems that there have been a whopping 18 unique visitors that have come and looked at this blog. Wow. I can only think of about 6 people that might actually read this, and you’re one of them.

I’m gonna put up a new poll and change the Grey Matter sections now. Peace. Out.