Not Nearly As Mean As I Look

It has been said, once again, that I look angry or mean in all of my pictures. But really, I’m not. I’m a hell of a guy. And I’m as nice a guy as you could ever want to meet. No really, I am. Come on. You gotta believe me on this one. Even Larry says so… oops, shit, I used a name… ah well, I was getting tired of using long as names like, “first ex-wife“, “a friend of mine“, or even “the husband“. Screw it. Names for everyone. (Though I do reserve the right to eliminate or obscure the names of those I feel should not be named.)

On-call went swimmingly, nothing I had to leave the house for. Hopefully it’ll be that nice next week when I’m on-call Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Probably not much chance of that happening. I’ve been awfully lucky so far with the on-call stuff. I think I’m due for a busy one.

Friday I did a duct cleaning …I hate duct cleaning… and then ran service calls for second half the day. The only thing of note was that on my duct cleaning I fell down the stairs and brought the big ol’ duct vacuum down on top of me. Talk about embarrassing. No one was hurt, but it was the second time I’ve fallen down this womans stairs. The first time I torn the railing off the wall trying to catch myself…. she’s got these rubber mats stuck to the stairs that I imagine are supposed to give more grip. But let me tell you, when they get wet… they’re slick as a greased squeeze water tube (oh, come on, I’m sure you had one when you were a kid… Google it, it’s real, honest.) Friday night I was going to write a blog, but I don’t rightly remember what I did… I know I talked on the phone for a good long time, but other than that the nights kinda a blank.

Saturday I finish an installation that I started in January and was out of there by noon. Then I went shopping with Tasha (2nd ex-wife). I needed to get some new clothes and it’s been said that I’m fashion challenged, so I got some help. I came away with four new shirts, a pair of “dark washed” jeans (whatever the hell that means), and my personal favorite item a new pair of sunglasses (though I will admit that the first two pair I choose were ixnayed). We went to dinner to celebrate the fact that trying on all those damn clothes (hey, I only bought 6 items, I had to try on like a million) didn’t kill me. We did Cheng’s, Chinese food, just like the olden days. I realized after we’d already ordered that what I really wanted was pizza and beer, but that was just how the whole day was going. I blame it on the letter. Didn’t I mention the letter? Sorry.

I got the break-up letter I wanted to get earlier in the day. It was nice. Not nice like, great I got a break-up letter, but nice in the sense that it wasn’t cold and impersonal. I mean if you want me to go away and be happy, just be nice and tell me goodbye. That’s all I was looking for. I mean, I’m not an idiot, I knew there was a good chance that it would end like this. But I do have at least one feeling that I know of and I’m very protective of it. And for the record, there was never any hate. Just a touch of disappointment tinged with a healthy dose of anger and just a splash of loneliness. So no worries and thank you.

Now where was I, ah yes, dinner. After eating we went and saw Shawn and Kari, spent some time hanging out with them and drank a few Raspberry Woodchuck ciders (not bad, but I prefer the original). Afterward we stopped by her moms, saw the family, and picked up Landon (my dog(ex-dog?)). It was a good day and a good night. I finished a job, bought new clothes, ate good food, and had the company of friends. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Today, I tried to sleep in, but couldn’t (damn, stupid carpal-tunnel acting up), had eggs and pancakes for breakfast, hung out with Tasha for a bit, and moved most of my tools from my old van into my new van, that took longer than I thought it would. My sister is sick, so I tried to not be home as much as possible… no sense in me getting sick… but here I am and now you know what I did this weekend.

Tomorrow we may talk about strange relationships, definitely talk about a retirement, and hopefully discuss how happy I am to have gotten a big raise. Later.