A Long Time Gone

Thanksgiving was my last real post (the Christmas picture doesn’t count) and a lot has happened in the intervening time.

  • Tasha and I drove to Florida and back, saw and spent some time with the parents and grandparents and didn’t have any drama until we were headed home.
  • I decided to give Forza Motorsport 3 a chance on my Xbox 360 and I have found that it is very good
  • We celebrated Christmas at Tasha’s Sisters
  • My dad was diagnosed with small cell cancer
  • The DROID died and was replaced with a refurbished unit despite being only 35-days old.
  • We spent New Year’s Eve with Dawn and Mark
  • Tasha’s contract at work went from short-term to long-term and then went to shit…  I hate that place
  • Tasha celebrated one of the big birthdays
  • The laptop died, went to HP, and came back none the worse for wear… though I’m annoyed that 8-months in I should have to go through that.
  • I won the Super Bowl in our 1st and Ten Franchise (Madden 10), and then Jay and Kevin dropped out because they hate the game.
  • Watched Avatar, despite wanting to dislike it I both enjoyed and was impressed by it
  • The bright red camaro got a speeding ticket, okay, I got the ticket, but I was driving the car
  • We’ve started looking for a house to rent, rent-to-own, or land-contract (our lease is up end of April)
  • Joel picked up a PS3 and my brother said he was going to, but I’ve not played a game with either of them
  • Watched The Book of Eli and was less than impressed, the annoying church folk behind us didn’t help
  • That rascally ground hog saw his shadow, thus heralding six more weeks of winter
  • Watched Legion, left wishing there were more angels and less zombies, did not give me what I was looking for, I was not impressed.
  • Denis made it to the Super Bowl in our 2nd and 10 Franchise (Madden 10), I didn’t even make the playoffs.
  • The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl for the first time in their 42 year history
  • I’ve listened to a bunch of audio books and started keeping a list, just have to figure out what to do with that list. Right now I’m listening to and enjoying the Night Angel series by Brent Weeks.
  • And tonight, I filed my taxes and got a refund even without claiming a child

So a lot has gone on and none of it has been shared with the blog, not sure how I feel about that. I find that I’m spending too much time on the computer after work and not doing anything. I need to get refocused and reinvigorated. So the first step is this one, writing a blog post. If I’m going to be on the computer I can at least be productive. My intention is to be far more regular with these posts and to focus them on some topics that are not my day-to-day grind. We’ll see what happens. Later.