Happy Birthday Guys

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on this same date… February 12, 1809… they were not twins. In fact, as near as I can tell, they had entirely different parents.  They were, however, both Aquarius’s (is that right, cause it looks so wrong!).  Also, they were born in completely separate countries, thousands of miles away from each other. Which would be quite a feat for any mother in the early 1800’s. Both men were Caucasian and both spoke fluent English… coincidence?  I’m just saying.
Both men were ruled by the beautiful energies of the planets Uranus and Jupiter. Because of the combined energies of these two planets combined with the subharmonics of the Sun and Moon indicate both men were infused with  practical and intuitive energies which nicely blended to make them interested in the greater welfare of Mankind as a whole. Their optimism shone and lifted up other people and the generosity was the true mark of their nature. While one was a president and the other a naturalist, it is said that they often swapped jobs on Friday’s just to “shake things up”.
Their relationships with others were harmonious but both were hiding inconsistencies in their natures. They were sensitive to criticism  and sometimes took statement far too personally. But both were able to overcome that slight weakness in their nature to find their relationships with other people much more fulfilling.
Both men had lucky yellow ties, as one would expect, being as yellow is their lucky color.
Both men were a huge influence on Christina Ricci, also Caucasian, but claiming no lineage with these great men,  who was also born on this date in 1980. And she said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest in 2007 that she dedicated her performance in Black Snake Moan to their memories.
There will be cake and ice cream at the Lincoln Memorial after the wreath laying ceremony. Enjoy the day.